Monday, July 27, 2009

Shirin Polo

Shirin polo (or Sweet Rice in English) is a kind of meal which is usually served in wedding parties. A very Delicious traditional food with special sweet taste.


Original Iranian rice
Pistachio peels
Almond peels
Orange peels


armanda said...

ciao Sarah
visto sono venuta subito a trovarti sei bellissima,domani ritornerò è un piacere conoscerti

ciao army

Rita said...

That's funny... I came here and thought I might go and tell Armanda about this wonderful food blog... But she was already here :)

Volevo andare a dire ad Armanda che qui c'è un blog di cucina meraviglioso, ma lei era già stata qui!! :D

armanda said...

Ciao cara

se vieni da me ci sono tre premi per te,

un abbraccio ciao army :-)

Rita said...

There's a blog award for you on Armanda's blog :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah,
I am writing from Miami, Florida, I love your blog since I am absolute lover of Persian food, and believe that cant compare to absolutely anything ever.
I am a chef and caterer here in USA.
Can you somehow give me the recipe for Koofteh my friend Roudy Allam (Assadolam Allams daughter) used to make those every time I would visit he r in Europe.
Maybe your mom can give you recipe.
I would be forever grateful,
Milenko Samardzich

SeaWorthy said...

Hello Sarah!
The photos of you delicious food are gorgeous and very tempting! I have never tried persian food, but it looks absolutely heavenly!
thank you for sharing your "good eats"
from the beach,
coastal nest

KShar said...

Wonderful blog. Here is my version of shirin polo