Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Few days ago,We asked mom a traditional food.A dish that we had never tried till that day!
Mom did it as wel,l like her other foods.It was really delicious.The colorful dish you see in the photo is Dam-Pokhtak.It has rice,groats,vermicelli,onion,little slices of meat and spices,It is very very delicious!!!
Ingredients for 4-6 people
150 gms Wheat groats
150 gms Rice
1 medium potato (chopped well in a cube shape)
1 medium onion (chopped well)
200 gms mutton
150 gms pop noodle
1tsm of each one: salt, turmeric pepper (black powder), cinnamon
1. Mix wheat groats with rice then soak them (with water and 2 sp salt) 4 hours before start cooking.
2. Fry potato with some oil and bring it out from oil.
3. Fry onion and add pop noodle to it, mix them well and add mutton, mix all and let it to be roasted. Then add potato, salt, turmeric, pepper, cinnamon as well and stock it.
4. Now,wash away rice and groats and add it to a steam-tight full of under boiling water and let it boil (do not let it become crushed) then swill it out.
5. choose a suitable vessel, add oil in it and set some slices of potato at the base on it (you can also use bread instead of potato),add some of the mixture of boiled rice and groats and make a layer of the fried mixture on it. Do it layer by layer till end and close the vessel .Let it cooks over steam.
You can use some saffron when you want to serve it.


hntrnyc said...

hello! i have a blog based out of new york city and I love mideastern food. this dish actually looks like biryani (a bengali dish). i also just posted 3 stories about lebanese food in suburban Detroit, Michigan that you might find interesting. could you post the recipe for Dam-Pokhtak? I would love to try to prepare the dish!
dashakoor, Hode Afez!

Sara N said...

Hyntrnyc-Thanks a lot.Yeah,I surly will do it.just let me to get it from my Mom,then I will post.Stay in Touch ;)

hntrnyc said...

great, looking forward to seeing the recipe. cheers!

Sara N said...

hntrnyc - I post the methos for you.Hope you enjoy it.Please tell me the result,My mom is looks forward to your answer ;)

hntrnyc said...

tashakoor! i will let you know when i try it. it looks "MAZADAR"

Transl8or said...

Interesting blog. این hntrnyc چه با مزه مینویسه!

Anonymous said...

This looks like a nice dish, however as far as most Iranians are concerned, the original Dam-pokht or Dam-pokhtak only contains fried onions, rice, lapeh-baaghaali (in English known as x-large split fava Peru, yellow in colour), butter, turmeric and some salt.
Feel free to look it up elsewhere too. When people make variations, it would be a good idea for the sake of those unfamiliar with the dish, to inform the reader that this is a variation and not the original. Thanks.