Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Photos Series 1

My mom's special walnut bread

I wish I could send you the special good smell of this bread while my mom was cooking it in the oven!

Lazania-I cooked it myself!
Although Lazania,Pizza,Spaghetti are Italian foods,Iranian people cook it in their own way.As You see in the photo I cooked it ;)

Khoresh-e-Karafs (Celery)

This is a Famous Iranian food that is so delicious and healthy.We try it with hot over steamed rice.There is a secret about this food that most of the Iranian men do not like it.As my father,brother and aunt's husband avoid to eat this Khoresh. I really do not know why?! but I offer you to experience it!

Finally,I found a free time to update this blog.I still do not enough time to post the ingredients and methods of these foods,So I just send the photos.But be sure that I will answer all your probable questions about them.


USelaine said...

These are great photos, Sara! When I look through cookbooks, I don't usually read the ingredients and instructions. I just like to see the pictures. This is perfect for me. 8^)

Dina said...

Me too. Too lazy to cook much just for myself. So your pictures and feelings about your food dishes are plenty for me. I enjoy just seeing them and imagining what they smell and taste like.
Glad you are starting up on this blog.
I would love to sit down to a meal with you someday.

ken mac said...

wow. There must be some good Iranian restaurants in NYC, these pics are driving me crazy! Excellent.

Bibi said...

Your photos are mouth-watering. Make me hungry...