Sunday, May 9, 2010


Dolmeh is one of our traditional delicious foods. It is cooked in different flavors such as salty, sweet, and sour. But the most popular type is salty. I know that Arabs has this food in their own way of cooking. Nowadays, Dolmeh is not a very usual food in Iranian houses since this is difficult to cook and take a long time to prepare, but still is cooked in grand mamas houses. My mom tries to prepare it one or tow times in a year and this year I learned to cook it, too. It was such a different experience!

Split peas: 1 cup

Rice: 2 cup

Granulated meat 250gr

Fresh vegetables included; Tarragon, dill, sweet fennel, parsley: Totaly250 gr (chopped)

Onion: 1medium (chopped)

Barge mo 500 gr

Vine Leaf: 500 gr (fresh)

Spices include Pepper, Turmeric, Caraway-seed, salt: enough


1. Boil Split peas (add some salt). Let it became a bit soft, then add rice and cook well.

2. Fry the chopped onion, add spices and then the granulated meat and mix them with the boiled rice and peas with.

3. Fill all the leafs by the mixture. Note to turn it water tight and do not let it open at all. (Do it step y step, follow the photos on the below)

4. Put all turned leafs one by one in a suitable pot. Add some hot water (about a cup) on it. You should add the hot water little by little. If it needed more add again. Let it cooks well. You can add some oil to make it shiny.

5. It's ready to serve. You can serve it with bread. Enjoy!



Barb said...

sounds interesting,I've never had this before but it sounds good....Barb

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Sarah

I am a Malaysian. I once tried this traditional food in Kuala Lumpur. I was influenced to try this food after reading one travelogue book written by an Indonesian who was working plus studying in Iran for 5 years.

But to tell you the truth, i was not able to finish off the food as they were too sour. But the rest of Iranian foods ordered by my husband were edible and marvellous.

Enjoy reading your blog!

Noraini Ismail

سعید said...

دلمه تخصصی هست، اصلا غذای ایرانی هنره. هر چند ما اینجا دوریم از این نعمات، ولی باز دستتون درد نکنه

Anonymous said...

A comment to Noraini
Many things are omitted in the recipe. For example if you are using fresh Grape Leaves you will need to boil them in water for 3 or 4 minutes so that they become soft and they miss their sour taste.
Another thing, you should add some sugar in lemon juice. This meal should have a sweet-salty taste.
I suggest you to go to a Persian recipe web page in order to have a complete recipe. I guarantee that it is delicious.

Charenn29 said...

Love the food! You’re amazing. This menu is fantastic:) It sure will help everyone who’s looking for a perfect menu like this. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

Anonymous said...

hey i would just like to say that this dish is very easy to make and i actually know how to cook it since i was like 13 ive cooked this sevral times and my mum makes this dish about at least once every week or two. i dont know why you persians think this is hard to make it doesnt take long to preper or cook my mum perpers everything in 30 minutes and cooks it in about 1 hour. i hope you guys dont get fooled by this and think its hard and its a very beauiful dish with amazing flavour. hope you dont get offended by this i kust wanted to share my opinion to you guys who reads this and wish to make it.

Sarah said...

Answer for the previous comment:
Hey I don't who are you and where are you comming from but what I have to let you know is "Never compare Persian food with those trashes you eat! "
How your mom make it every week when these epecial leaves are available just 2 months in a year!?
Seems you never learnt how to express your opinions politely!

Anonymous said...

I'm copying the pictures, thank you, for study cooking